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All logged-in users' data on this site is kept secure and is accessible by others only as stated.

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The Chelmsford Diocesan Board of Finance aims to comply with all GDPR requirements and the spirit behind them: the privacy notice for the CDBF can be downloaded here. Accordingly, this Moodle virtual learning environment is hosted on a server that meets full industrial security requirements. You can find out more about Moodle by viewing its privacy notice here.

Learners have control over the data which they reveal to other learners. Names of others on the course or in the collaboration space may be seen by others, but email addresses by default are hidden. Users may choose to allow their external email addresses to be visible if they wish, and may choose, or not, to state the town in which they are located. (Course managers and teachers are able to see email addresses, but will not disclose them to others and will only use them if absolutely necessary.) Messaging between learners is managed by Moodle's internal system, which generally only allows communication within the course cohort.

Users write their own Profiles and may choose how much to reveal and whether or not to publish a small image. For the sake of learning, openness is encouraged, but is always in the control of the user. 

Learner contributions to forums and other interactive tools are only accessible to those following the same course. When the course is finished, these data will be kept on the server for six months (so that learners can continue to access them and, if necessary, 'catch up') and will then be either deleted or anonymised.

Users can exercise their rights at any time such as requesting a copy of their data on the site or to withdraw their consent. Please see 'Your rights and your personal data' section of the CDBF privacy notice for more information.

Setting up a user account on this site is taken to mean that you consent to this statement and the purposes for which the data is being processed.